St. Jude Medical Eon & Eon Mini Recall Lawyers

Americans depend on prescription medications and medical innovations to treat underlying conditions, chronic ailments and other medical illnesses to live healthy, happy lives. While some medications are dedicated to treating a singular issue, others are used on a daily basis to provide an individual with life-long well-being. Consumers depend on these drugs and innovations as well as the competency of the manufacturers who have created, tested and marketed these products for their use. 


Unfortunately, there are times when products, regardless of testing and marketer claims, become defective. The St. Jude Eon and Eon Mini Pain Implants are examples of such situations. In July of 2012, St. Jude Medical announced an official recall of their Eon and Eon Mini pain management implant devices due to hundreds of consumer reports claiming that the devices had multiple instances of battery failure. These devices would either be replaced or consumers using the devices would suffer from extensive burns due to overheating – some of which were diagnosed as second-degree burn injuries.

Summary of Issue
St. Jude Medical conducted an in-house investigation and analysis of the product to conclude that the Eon and Eon Mini did not recharge or failed prematurely due to weld cracks located in the IPG’s inner battery casing. The cracked battery is due to poor manufacturing processes.


Occurrence Rate
As of June 30, 2012 it was announced by St. Jude Medical that 214 complaint reports were received regarding the Eon Mini IPG out of a total of 34,617 distributed. Therefore, the percentage of occurrence was determined to be 0.62%. These occurrences involved instances where the Eon device lost the ability to recharge or prematurely failed due to welding cracks within the inner battery. The long term failure rates have not been determined.


In addition to the 214 reports for battery failure, there were 325 reports received regarding overheating. Of those 325 reports received, 72 patients had to have their devices removed surgically and three of those individuals suffered 1st to 2nd degree skin surface burns. St. Jude Medical released a letter on July 26, 2012 in regards to the matter stating that this malfunction was due to heat generation during charging. St. Jude went on to state that slight temperature increases were normal during charging, but pain or discomfort was not.


Complex Claims and Suits
Individuals who have suffered from injury (catastrophic or not) are encouraged to hire an attorney immediately. If you or a loved one has used the Eon or Eon Mini for pain management and have had to have your device replaced or you have suffered pain, discomfort and burns due to malfunctioning charges, contact the professionals at Johnson & Ward immediately. With over 50 years’ experience in civil litigation, Johnson & Ward can assist you in your complex claim against St. Jude’s Eon and Eon Mini Recall case to help you receive recovery for situations such as:

• Past, current and future medical expenses
• Life-care
• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering
• Future lost wages
• Loss of earning capacity
• Future pain and suffering

Stay up to date on the latest complimentary recall news from St. Jude’s brought to you by the Eon Recall Lawyers of Johnson & Ward.

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